Podcast Additional Resources: “Decisions at Chickamauga”

Dave Powell has written volumes – literally – about the Battle of Chickamauga. Here are a few resources related to last week’s ECW Podcast episode that you won’t want to miss. Did you have a chance to hear the battle discussion on Patreon?

Award-winning ECW Historian Dave Powell joined Chris Mackowski and Dan Welch to discussion the new book for western theater and leadership bookshelves. And here are a few blog posts and links to add to the conversation…

Books by Dave Powell:

Emerging Civil War Series Book:

Chickamauga Battlefield

Facebook LIVE videos from the 155th anniversary with American Battlefield Trust.

Chickamauga – “The terrible roar of artillery”

The Other Rock at Chickamauga?

Dave Powell’s Chickamauga Blog – don’t miss this archive of great articles

Closing In on Chickamauga in the Words of the Soldiers Themselves

Chickamauga: The armies converge

Chickamauga: Alexander’s Bridge

Chickamauga: A Sobering Thought

Chickamauga: Jay’s Mill

Chickamauga: Winfrey Field

Chickamauga: Artillery in the Puckerbrush

Chickamauga: Viniard Field

Chickamauga: The end of the second day

Chickamauga: Thomas’s Battleline

Chickamauga: The Breakthrough

Chickamauga: Snodgrass Hill

Chickamauga: The Shot that Doomed the Confederacy?

Chickamauga: Horseshoe Ridge

Chickamauga: The Cost

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