Week In Review: April 29-May 5, 2019

It’s a big historical anniversary week for the Battle of Chancellorsville and Battle of the Wilderness, and we’ve featured articles about both! Stay tuned for more Wilderness and Spotsylvania next week…

This weekend Chris Mackowski and Dan Welch have been busy at the re-opening of the American Civil War Museum in Richmond and creating videos with the Emerging Scholars.

As usual, there’s lots to explore on the blog, and we hope you’ll enjoy the week in review.

Monday, April 29:

Question of the Week questioned leadership and greatness in light of the recent discussions about Robert E. Lee.

Kristen Pawlak wrote about the 39th Missouri and the causes of their high casualty rates.

Tuesday, April 30:

It’s Fifth Tuesday and time for a question – where do you listen to the Emerging Civil War Podcast?

Chris Mackowski shared photos and details from his recent trip to see the Black Bess equestrian statue in Kentucky.

Wednesday, May 1:

Symposium Spotlight: Previewing the presentation on Secessionville which will be featured at the ECW Symposium in August 2019.

Sarah Kay Bierle shared a last letter and details about Private Will Lamson’s final battle.

See who’s speaking and where in the list of upcoming presentations!

Thursday, May 2:

Sarah Kay Bierle offered historical facts and reflections on Virginia Military Institute’s connection to Chancellorsville and Jackson’s battlefield promise.

Edward Alexander wrote about the night march to Fredericksburg on the night of May 2-3, 1863.

Check out what’s new on the blog “Maine at War” and some articles by our friend Brian Swartz.

Friday, May 3:

Guest author Nathan Varnold shared about Thomas Ruger’s brigade during the Battle of Chancellorsville.

ECW Weekender takes a closer look at where Grant turned south!

Saturday, May 4:

Saving History Saturday focusing on the exciting news of the American Civil War Museum’s re-opening and how historic buildings can be adapted and reused.

And it’s FACEBOOK LIVE time with Chris Mackowski and Dan Welch at the American Civil War Museum’s Emerging Scholar program.

Sarah Kay Bierle wrote about Lieutenant Justin E. Dimick and his artillery action at Chancellorsville.

May the Fourth be with you! Yeah, we found connections between the Civil War and Star Wars…

Sunday, May 5:

Sarah Kay Bierle has been poking around on the Library of Congress website again and this morning she shared some war sketches of Battle of the Wilderness.

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