Podcast Additional Resources: “Call Out The Cadets”

Of all the smaller battles, New Market is one that boasts a shelf-full of books. Emerging Civil War is excited to add their book to that collection! With the arrival of this thirty-second book in the Emerging Civil War Series, Sarah Kay Bierle (the author), Chris Mackowski, and Dan Welch sat down for a discussion about that fight. You can catch the conversation in last week’s podcast which you can find on Patreon for just $1.99.

Today, we’ve rounded up some additional resources related to the topic and stay tuned – we’ve got more articles coming on this battle’s anniversary week.

From Emerging Civil War’s Archives:

Battlefield Markers & Monuments: Woodson’s Missourians at New Market

“Put In The Boys and May God Forgive Me For The Order”

What Should We Make Of Franz Sigel?

The Determined Delinquents on a Summer’s Day

Primary Sources: Longing To Be A Soldier

“Cadet Evans Climbed On A Cannon”

Symposium Spotlight: New Market Campaign – at the 2019 Symposium!

ECW Weekender: Pack’s Frozen Custard

From Gazette665’s Archives: 

(Sarah Kay Bierle’s history blog/business features some additional resources that she has shared and you’ll see even more detailed articles added to the ECW Blog over the next few weeks!)

1864: “A Case of Mismanagement”

Breckinridge’s Old Sorrel

1864: “May Be Relied Upon For Active Duty”

Jessie Rupert: Though Surrounded By Enemies

Lydie Clinedinst: Mother of the New Market Cadets

New Market Videos

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