ECW Podcast “The High Tide of the Confederacy, Part 2” Is Now Available

It’s been called “Lee’s Greatest Victory.” Why? And exactly why was it “all downhill for the Confederacy” after Chancellorsville? Chris Mackowski and Kris White continue their conversation about the high tide of the Confederacy on the Emerging Civil War Podcast!

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1 Response to ECW Podcast “The High Tide of the Confederacy, Part 2” Is Now Available

  1. The answer to the question of why Chancellorsville was Lee’s high tide is a simple one:
    Lee’s victory was a tactical, not a strategic victory. The pyric victory at Chancellorsville cost Lee about a third of his army & continued the disproportionate loss of talent in his officer corps. People are always speculating about what Jackson would have done at Gettysburg. A much better question is what would Lee could have done with the third of his army that he lost at Chancellorsville?

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