ECW Podcast “Making Civil War Maps” Is Now Available

Ever wonder how maps are researched and created for history books? Chris Mackowski and Edward Alexander discuss this topic in the newest episode of the Emerging Civil War Podcast.

Edward has been studying cartography and recently launched his own small business – Make Me A Map, LLC – which offers “modern mapmaking of the historic world.” Check out his website here and give him a like and follow on his Facebook business page.

This podcast is available to all ECW Podcast subscribers via Patreon. Not enlisted as a subscriber? It’s easy at Patreon. For more details about our podcast, please check out our customized Patreon Page.

2 Responses to ECW Podcast “Making Civil War Maps” Is Now Available

  1. That was another enjoyable podcast from the ECW Team. Like many of us here, I grew up with the Golden Book Illustrated History of the Civil War and loved the David Greenspan Bird’s Eye view of Civil War battles. There is nothing like a good map to frame a reader and battlefield trooper imagination like a good map and Ed Alexander’s maps are outstanding.

    Keep up the good work.

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