Maine at War: May 2019

Maine at War Vol. 1-front coverHere’s what our friend Brian Swartz was up to on his blog, Maine at War, in May 2019 (check it out!):

May 1, 2019
New book titled Maine at War (Volume 1) covers an exciting 18th-month period

Maine at War blogger Brian Swartz releases Maine at War Volume 1: Bladensburg to Sharpsburg, the first volume in his trilogy about Maine’s involvement in the Civil War. With 313 photos and illustrations, the 492-page book tells the story of Maine’s involvement in the first 18 months of the Civil War, as experienced by Maine men and women who answered the call to defend and preserve the United States.

May 8, 2019
Confederates shoot a Maine deserter at Vicksburg

Drafted into the Confederate army, a youngster with ties to Maine tries to desert at besieged Vicksburg. Confederate troops capture him, and Northern newspapers tell his tale.

May 15, 2019
A Maine angel of mercy completed his mission at Port Husdon

Discovering a wounded Union soldier lying between the lines at Port Hudson, Charlie Blake crawls out to bring water to the poor man. Confederates are watching.

May 22, 2019
The Letter to the Widow 

Present when a sick Maine infantry captain dies aboard a steamboat, Nathaniel Banks shares the final hours of the man in a letter written to his widow.

May 29, 2019
Only a national draft could reinforce the Federal armies

Abraham Lincoln needed more men in uniform. Only Congress could provide them.


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