Symposium Spotlight: Forgotten Battlefields, Part 2

This isn’t exactly a battlefield…but it’s a “forgotten” place with military significance and the site of a few skirmishes. Can you name the location?

Here are a few clues:

  • It’s along the Potomac River.
  • Initially, Union soldiers held the location, resulting in a fighting clash on May 23, 1861, when the Rebels captured the ferry boat, but were forced to abandon their prize when blue-clad reinforcements showed up.
  • Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart and his cavalry crossed here during their Chambersburg Raid in autumn 1862.

Answer: McCoy’s Ferry.

The photograph offers a view of the Potomac River near the original ferry site.

We’d love to hear about river crossings that were the locations of lesser-known skirmishes or contested crossings. Any river. Any place. Just keep it in the 1861-1865 time period!

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