Question of the Week: 8/26-9/1/19

Different units adopted different uniforms, especially in the early period of the Civil War.

In your opinion, what is the best uniform style and which unit wore it?

7 Responses to Question of the Week: 8/26-9/1/19

  1. Because the Civil War was a “black and white” event, it is difficult to know what the uniforms actually looked like, especially as regards “colors.” Thanks to Miniature Makers (such as ACW Toy Soldiers) we have clarity IRT appearance of Civil War soldiers, North and South (and because I had relatives in the 1st Iowa Volunteer Infantry, I am partial to that unit)

  2. I am responding a little late to this question. But I would say the green “camouflage” tunics or jackets worn by Berdan’s sharpshooters. An elite unit showing its pride in itself.

    1. My great great grandfather is said to have been the tailor for their uniforms. It comes down as family history and is referenced in some Brooklyn publications as passing mention, but I can’t find a direct link. I’ve chatted about it with the 14th Brooklyn reenactment group. More searching to be done!

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