Podcast Additional Resources: “Forgotten Battles”

“Forgotten Battles” has been a theme at ECW this year, especially since it was the topic at our symposium in August! Last week Chris M. and Chris K. spent time discussing the idea of “forgotten battles” on the podcast and you can catch that episode on Patreon.

Today, we offer links to some of the resources and articles developed for the symposium’s theme:

Jericho’s Mill



“‘So Doth History Repeat Itself’: The Battle of Williamsburg”

Forgotten Confederate Victory in a Forgotten Confederate State

New Market Campaign

Tullahoma Campaign

Fort Stevens

Burnside’s Sand March: The Forgotten North Carolina Expedition

The Great Battle Never Fought: The Mine Run Campaign

“This Means War”: The Battle of Wilson’s Creek

1 Response to Podcast Additional Resources: “Forgotten Battles”

  1. The battle of McDowell in Virginia—small town, non-commercial battle field, nice visitor center, church with initials on bricks, very poignant (and my ancestor’s first battle).

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