Question of the Week: 12/16-12/22/19

Last week there was a discussion about negative and violent military and civilian clashes. Let’s try to flip the perspective for this Question of the Week during the holiday season…

What is your favorite positive civilian/military interaction during the Civil War? Why?

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3 Responses to Question of the Week: 12/16-12/22/19

  1. Tom Mack says:

    The soldiers of the 45th Illinois exchanging food with civilians while guarding railroad during the Atlanta campaign, and its surgeon treating sick civilians, both white and black.

  2. Charles Stanley Martin says:

    The members of John B. Gordon’s Brigade helping the citizens of Wrightsville fight the fire set by the Pennsylvania militia to the bridge crossing the Susquehanna River to prevent the Confederates from crossing but threatened to destroy the town, during he Gettysburg Campaign,.

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