Week In Review: January 13-19, 2020

We’re in full swing with the Civil War & Pop Culture series this week, and you’ll find thoughts, history, and musings about movies, fiction books, music, and fine art. There were also some military articles and news from the history community too.

Monday, January 13:

Question of the Week asks about your favorite Civil War movie.

Meg Groeling wrote about her love of Little Women and reflected on the new movie.

Tuesday, January 14:

CW & Pop Culture: Sean Michael Chick shared his thoughts about The Guns of the South.

Podcast resources are now available for “Chickamauga: Federal Leadership.”

Wednesday, January 15:

Symposium Spotlight: Matt Atkinson will be speaking at the 2020 ECW Symposium.

CW & Pop Culture: Dave Powell wrote about rock ‘n roll and the Civil War.

Thursday, January 16:

Kevin Pawlak posted about General John Pope and his headquarters.

CW & Pop Culture: Sarah Kay Bierle mused about fine art and how Civil War paintings influenced her early interest in history.

Friday, January 17:

CW & Pop Culture: Dan Welch wrote about the Gettysburg Soundtrack.

ECW Weekender: Look in the archives and thinking about our favorite libraries!

Saturday, January 18:

Saving History Saturday: American youth are getting ready to lead new preservation efforts.

CW & Pop Culture: What’s on that blog series’ header?

Sunday, January 19:

CW & Pop Culture: Jon-Erik Gilot shared about music inspired by a Civil War leader.

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