Question of the Week: 1/13-1/19/20


We’re talking about the Civil War and Pop Culture, so…do you have a favorite movie about the Civil War or with an 1860’s setting? Why?

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9 Responses to Question of the Week: 1/13-1/19/20

  1. Absolutely favorite (though not completely historically accurate) will always be Gone With The Wind. Purely for the story and the drama.
    A close second is Gods and Generals and Field of Lost Shoes for the level of historical detail. I know both have their flaws, but it feels like I’m a fly on the wall when I watch these films. It’s one thing to read about incidences, but to watch an interpretation of the events is so cool to me.

  2. Alton Bunn says:

    Gettysburg is my favorite despite the “bad beard brigade”. There are three particular parts I like. Bufords stand on day 1; it shows what a solider he was. I still get thrills watching the 20th Maine charge down the hill. And watching Picketts division being slowly destroyed still makes me almost want to cry especially when Garnett’s horse comes galloping back out of the smoke.

  3. Douglas Pauly says:

    Gotta go with “The Horse Soldiers”. Mainly because I’ve always been a huge fan of William Holden’s. Not to mention The Duke!

  4. Dave Powell says:

    The Undefeated. Sort of an “aftermath” film.

  5. Brent Oman says:

    Glory. An all time favorite. Great acting, and some truly moving moments.

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  7. Ride with the Devil, followed by Glory, then Gettysburg.

  8. Paul Pochunow says:

    A tie between “Gettysburg” and “Glory.” Both movies are flawed, but both bring that War to life for me. “Gettysburg” because that battle is the one that was my gateway drug into the ACW, and the town is one of my favorite places to visit. The movie isn’t perfect, but has compelling characters and performances and realistic battle scenes.”Glory” was about a topic that, at that time, was not discussed much. The movie has (literally) Oscar-worthy performances and is an extremely well-made film. (It also has a glaring missed opportunity. Two of Frederick Douglass’ sons were in the “real” 54th. I’ve always wondered why they weren’t included as characters in the film.)

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