Question of the Week: 2/3-2/9/20

Let’s talk about souvenirs from historic sites or roadside attractions part of the Civil War and pop culture…

Do you have a favorite souvenir or collectible? Or what’s the most unique one you’ve seen?

6 Responses to Question of the Week: 2/3-2/9/20

  1. I have a pewter wine bottle stopper with the image of Robert E. Lee on it. Served me well during many a campaign!

  2. I have two favorite souvenirs – or rather, relics. The first is a mule shoe that is “supposedly” found at Antietam. This was purchased from a sutler at the Olustee reenactment event last February and I can’t be sure of the origins, but it’s still a neat thing to hang on the wall. The second was a musket ball that was found around the Dunker Church. This came from a reputable source, so I’m a little more proud of it.
    Apart from that, every battlefield I visit, I get a collectible pin from the giftshop. When I go home, I pin it to a banner to map my travels. It’s getting a little full and congested these days, but I’m proud of it and glad that the visitor centers stock these items.

  3. I found a wooden lower leg prosthetic device in an antique shop in Culpeper Virginia. You read so much about amputations but see very little evidence of it. This was found out in a barn in Georgia and is in excellent shape. An indication of what some poor Southern soldier had to put up with the remainder of his life.

  4. Here I’ll be the corny one and say the best souvenir for me is the memory of the trip and my better understanding of the battle after visiting, Lol. My wife has enough Knickknacks out on display, I don’t need anymore. If I buy anything at the visitors center its a good book, or plastic Civil War soldiers to add to my boys collection, and make for bigger and better livingroom floor battles we like to wage, ha ha.

  5. We’ve bought some cool Christmas tree ornaments at various battlefield stores. That’s about it. Now, we have made use of some good, stout walking canes we purchased at one of them (it might have been Chancellorsville, but not sure). They continue to serve us quite well when we go stomping through woods and the like.

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