Week In Review: February 3-9, 2020

This week wrapped up the Civil War & Pop Culture series and included a few other feature articles.

The big news is…the major tech issues ECW has been experiences have been solved and the team is now able to access and finalize fixing the other troubles. We’re finally getting back to normal and able to focus on writing (and distributing) blog posts in a much easier way. Celebration week!

Monday, February 3:

Question of the Week focused on Civil War collectibles. We want to hear about yours!

It’s the anniversary of the 15th Amendment to the Constitution…

Tuesday, February 4:

CW & Pop Culture: Sarah Kay Bierle added a post about Civil War themed apparel.

CW & Pop Culture: Guest author Nick Sacco shared about Grant’s memoirs.

Wednesday, February 5:

Symposium Spotlight: Sarah Kay Bierle will be speaking at the 2020 ECW Symposium.

CW & Pop Culture: Sarah Kay Bierle shares excerpts from Gone With The Wind book and movie, focusing on Gettysburg (Part 1)

CW & Pop Culture: A new look at Gettysburg’s interpretation in Gone With The Wind (Part 2)

Our blogging friend Brian Swartz has some fine new articles about Maine and the Civil War.

Thursday, February 6:

ECW’s lastest videos at Antietam battlefield are up on YouTube.

Blog subscriptions are back! Tech troubles are getting resolved.

Friday, February 7:

CW & Pop Culture: Chris Mackowski added some final thoughts for the special series.

ECW Weekender: Steward Henderson shared about his upcoming tour in Fredericksburg for Black History.

Sarah Kay Bierle reflected on the six weeks of tech challenges with a historic quote.

Saturday, February 8:

Saving History Saturday: Announcing that nearly $1 million has been allocated to save 12 African-American history sites in Maryland.

CW & Pop Culture: Wrapping up with the finalized list of all the blog post in the series.

Sunday, February 9:

We posted the photo we finally remembered to take at the recent ECW Retreat.

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