Week In Review: March 16-22, 2020

It’s been a full week of posting on the ECW blog. (We even had four posts in one day!) Be safe and stay well and join us for good history as a distraction from the news outside.

Monday, March 16:

Question of the Week focused on March 1865 and key happenings in that historic month.

Sarah Kay Bierle added a Civil War soldiers’ song with a dash of humor.

A Conversation with Carol Reardon (part one)

Tuesday, March 17:

Kevin Pawlak posted a book review for the latest book about General Thomas Rosser.

Sarah Kay Bierle shared about Private William McCarter’s memoirs which gives a “common soldier” view of life in the Irish-Brigade.

Chris Mackowski posted about the Irish and the Civil War for St. Patrick’s Day.

A Conversation with Carol Reardon (part two)

Wednesday, March 18:

Symposium Spotlight: Dave Powell will be sharing about Leonidas Polk at the August 2020 ECW Symposium.

Sean Michael Chick wrote about the conflicts at Drewry’s Bluff.

A Conversation with Carol Reardon (part three)

Thursday, March 19:

Jon-Erik Gilot posted an interview with Diane Klinefelter. 

Sophronia Bucklin’s memoir is available for free on Google Books!

A Conversation with Carol Reardon (part four)

Friday, March 20:

Frank Jastrzembski shared about the unending war for ten Union generals.

ECW Weekender: Visiting the Museum of the Middle Appalachians in Saltville, Virginia. (Don’t miss the next weekender when we take a closer look at the Civil War sites in Saltville.)

A Conversation with Carol Reardon (part five)

Saturday, March 21:

Saving History Saturday: Good news and grants for Civil War battlefield preservation in Tennessee.

Guest author David T. Dixon wrote about a divided family in Georgia and how they “covered up” the story of their Unionist relative.

A Conversation with Carol Reardon (part six)

Sunday, March 22:

Part 1 of reading through Sophronia Bucklin’s memoir with Sarah Kay Bierle. (The read-along continues next Sunday morning)

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