Question of the Week: 3/23-3/29/20

Many of us are staying home at this time out of necessity or precaution, so if you had to get quarantined for a couple weeks with a person from the Civil War era, who would you choose? Why?

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20 Responses to Question of the Week: 3/23-3/29/20

  1. John Pryor says:

    Rose O’Neal Greenhow. ?

  2. M. J. Waters says:

    Easy, one of my great-great-great grandfathers that fought in the war. Why? Because I’ve got so many questions.

  3. Ed Cunningham says:

    Grant. When everyone around is in a state of panic, he would remain calm and patient. Lick em (Covid 19) tomorrow.

  4. David Corbett says:

    Amiable companions Joe Hooker or Shank Evans.

  5. Timm Oyer says:

    My great-great-great uncle John Mclain, who spent 14 months in Andersonville as a,Union prisoner!

  6. Eric Sterner says:

    Lincoln. I’m sure he had five days’ worth of jokes and stories that would lighten the mood!

  7. Why Clara Barton of course.

  8. Charles Stanley Martin says:

    Frederick Douglas. I can’t think of anyone more interesting. It would be interesting to see his reaction to the civil rights movement

  9. Thomas R Place says:

    1st Lt. Jackson Via 36 Va. Inf. Co B

  10. My first gut response is Clara Barton because I find her a fascinating character in general.

  11. Robert Denney says:

    Being a Georgian, I would like to spend some time with John B Gordon, James Longstreet, and my ancestor, James M Denney (38th GA Co F), all having served with the Army of Northern Virginia.

  12. Douglas Pauly says:

    Ummm, who was considered the best looking gal of the Civil War era? She’ll be my choice!.

  13. Skipping the answer of one of my ancestors as that would be impossible to turn down, I’d go with President Lincoln

  14. Tony Robertson says:

    Nathan Bedford Forrest. It’s easier to socially distance from someone if you are concerned about them actually running you through with a saber. Also, I think he could be depended upon to git thar fastest with the mostest when it comes to toilet paper.

  15. Winfield Scott Hancock. I think he gets overlooked and he certainly did the 2nd Corp and the army of the Potomac proud.

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  17. slimtimm says:

    my great-great-uncle who spent 14months as a prisoner in Andersonville!

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