Week In Review: March 23-29, 2020

We’re rolling out content—same as usual here at Emerging Civil War. Hoping everyone is well and that we can be a stable source of news (even if it’s focused on happenings 155-160 years ago!) for your enjoyment.

Monday, March 23:

Question of the Week asks which historical person you’d like to quarantine with.

Starting off a short series for Women’s History Month – Who Inspired You?

Chris Mackowski posted about new articles encouraging re-evaluation of George McClellan. 

Tuesday, March 24:

Frank Jastrzembski shared about two women scholars who made an impact on his studies and perspective.

Meg Groeling featured some ideas for teaching history to kids during these “out of school days.”

Wednesday, March 25:

Symposium Spotlight: Dan Welch will be sharing about John Pope at the Emerging Civil War Symposium in August.

Sarah Kay Bierle wrote about how her mom and a good friend influenced her history studies.

Dan Welch posted about a Civil War veteran longing to get to Gettysburg in 1913.

Thursday, March 26:

Bert Dunkerly shared about a history teacher and how she influenced his pursuit of Civil War studies.

Guest author David T. Dixon wrote about secession and loyalty dividing a Georgia family during the Civil War.

The March 2020 ECW Newsletter is now available!

Friday, March 27:

Meg Groeling highlighted woman scholars who inspire her.

ECW Weekender takes another look at Saltville and how to visit the first battlefield in that community.

Saturday, March 28:

Saving History Saturday: Featuring a series of articles from the Adirondack Almanac about preservation.

JoAnna M. McDonald wrote about her mom and the wonderful history adventures they have enjoyed together.

Sunday, March 29:

Sarah Kay Bierle continues her read-along and chapter notes for Bucklin’s memoirs.

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