Saving History Saturday: Iowa City Seeks To Save Historic 1860’s Buildings

Since earlier this year, citizens of Iowa City, Iowa, have been advocating to preserve the remaining historic buildings dating back to the Civil War period. When asked about their importance to community historic awareness and a connection to the Civil War, Ginalie Swaim—president of the Friends of Historic Preservation—pointed out their existence since the days when Iowa city was the state capital and evidence that these buildings were draped in black crepe as community response to Lincoln’s assassination in 1865.

When a city vote failed to give protection for the few remaining buildings, the preservation group has been reaching out to the owners, seeking a positive solution. The pressure to develop housing units in the area and help economic development conflicts with the preservation goals, but it seems that dialog between all parties involved may result in a positive solution.

It’s nice to see local communities, officials, and property owners willing to consider working together to save pieces of history and tell the stories of how citizens in the 1860’s reacted to the national events.

The complete article from Iowa City Press-Citizen is available here:

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