Week In Review: April 12-19, 2020

Keep calm and read about the ending days of the Civil War…

Sunday, April 12:

In the evening, Chris Mackowski offered a connection between Shiloh and Vicksburg.

Monday, April 13:

Question of the Week looked at historic happenings in Civil War April.

Ending The War: Sarah Kay Bierle posted Theodore Lyman’s description of General Meade at Appomattox.

Tuesday, April 14:

Ending The War: Chris Mackowski wrote about raising the flag at Fort Sumter in 1865.

Ending The War: Frank Jastrzembski added a post about the assassination attempt on Secretary of State Seward.

Ending The War: Chris Mackowski mused on infamy.

Ending The War: Kevin Pawlak shared about James Tanner and memories of the night Lincoln was assassinated.

Wednesday, April 15:

Symposium Spotlight: Need some reading to get ready for the August event?

Ending The War: Jon-Erik Gilot wrote about the 15th Ohio learning about Lincoln’s assassination.

The boxes of the newest book in the ECW Series have arrived! Hellmira is hitting the shelves and websites soon.

Thursday, April 16:

Ryan Quint posted a book review for Meade and Lee at Bristoe Station.

Meg Groeling mused on governors and what it means to govern.

Ending The War: Sean Michael Chick wrote about James Wilson and die-hard Confederates.

Friday, April 17:

Chris Mackwoski had a book chat with Michael Woods about his new book on Stephen Douglas, Jefferson Davis, and American democracy.

ECW Weekender offered links to tour Ford’s Theatre virtually.

Saturday, April 18:

Saving History Saturday spotlighted preservation efforts in Iowa City.

Ending The War: Sarah Kay Bierle posted about John Wise and his personal response to the war’s ending and restarting his life.

Sunday, April 19:

Ending The War: From the ECW Archives, we started off the morning with a series about a proposed peace conference.

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  1. FYI “The Last Confederate” a true story about Captain Adams in South Carolina regiment. It’s on Amazon prime video. Written and acted by Julian Adams a descendant. Worth watching.

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