Week In Review: May 10-17, 2020

Historic anniversaries seems to be the unofficial theme of this last week! Check out the collection of new blog posts.

Sunday, May 10: 

In the evening, Dave Powell posted about fighting at Mill Creek Gap and Rocky Face Ridge.

Monday, May 11:

Question of the Week focused on spring reading.

General Francis C. Barlow had one exasperated request to his unhelpful scout at Spotsylvania…

Tuesday, May 12:

Guest author Leon Reed shared about patriotic envelopes created and used during the Civil War.

Sarah Kay Bierle added a collection of photos from dawn at Spotsylvania Battlefield on the anniversary of the attack on Bloody Angle.

Wednesday, May 13:

JoAnna M. McDonald shared about command leadership, using Second Manassas as an example.

Sarah Kay Bierle wondered if Franz Sigel’s discovery of Confederate telegrams was his last chance to turn around his floundering New Market Campaign.

Thursday, May 14:

Lee White posted about the Battle of Resaca for the anniversary.

For the anniversary of the Battle of Myer’s Hill, Chris Mackowski, Terry Rensel, and Sarah Kay Bierle created a new video, talking about the history and preservation efforts.

Chris Mackowski had a book chat with Mark Flotow about his new book, highlighting Civil War soldier letters.

Friday, May 15:

Sarah Kay Bierle posted about Cadet Oliver P. Evans at the Battle of New Market.

ECW Weekender took a virtual trip to three plantations, courtesy of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

There’s a new, FREE ECW Podcast available on Patreon, addressing the End of the Civil War.

Saturday, May 16:

Saving History Saturday highlighted a new look at how preservation is an American tradition.

Dave Powell shared about the Battle of Champion Hill.

Sunday, May 17:

Phill Greenwalt shared about seven “important people” this morning.

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