Saving History Saturday: 54th Massachusetts Monument Restoration

Preservation news from Boston this week… And just in time for the anniversary of the 54th Massachusetts’s departure for South Carolina on May 28, 1863.

The famed regiment’s monument in Boston is in need of some restoration since over 100 years of expose and water damage has affected the brick core of the large icon. The current restoration project—backed with $3 million—will hopefully result in much needed preservation for this piece of Boston’s Civil War history and memory.

Liz Vizza, who serves as the executive director of the Friends of the Public Gardens, explained: “It’s not in danger of falling is not that level of danger. But it is deteriorating and we needed to rebuild the foundation in concrete.”

The restoration project is estimated to be completed by November 2020 and the installation of new interpretive panels are also planned.

The complete article from Boston’s local news outlets is here:

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  1. I hate to tell you this but I live in Boston and we call it the Shaw Memorial. Not the 54th Massachusetts Memorial. I know its a small thing but if someone comes up our way and asks for directions so they can look at it if they dont’ call it the Shaw Memorial no one will know what they are talking about

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