2020 ECW Virtual Symposium

We all have been saddened by news of our postponement of the 2020 Emerging Civil War Symposium until 2021. All of us at ECW will miss seeing all of our friends and supporters at our yearly symposium at Stevenson’s Ridge. Since the news of our postponement our symposium co-chairs, Dan Welch and Kevin Pawlak, have been thinking of ways that we can still share our yearly symposium experience with you. We are pleased to announce a unique experience for you today.

For all of our ticket holders for the 2020 ECW Symposium, as a way of saying THANK YOU for your continued support during these challenging times, we will be giving you exclusive access to a one day virtual symposium. Six speakers will give digital presentations on the theme The War in the East. Anyone who had registered for the 2020 ECW Symposium will receive an email with an exclusive access code to the Emerging Civil War Youtube page. The one day virtual symposium will go live on Saturday, August 15, 2020. Your access code will be good after August 15 if you are unable to watch that day and you will be able to catch all six programs at your leisure.

Didn’t buy tickets to this year’s symposium? Purchase your tickets for the 2021 ECW Symposium before August 14, 2020 to get exclusive access to this virtual event. 

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Here is the lineup for our 2020 ECW Virtual Symposium: The War in the East

The First Shots of the Civil War in Charleston Harbor                                        Learn about the build up to and first battle of the Civil War at Fort Sumter in April of 1861.  The surprisingly bloodless battle inaugurated the bloodiest war in American history and the city of Charleston became a target for Union forces for the remainder of the war.    — Mark Maloy

“We’re the boys who rode around McClellan” The Chambersburg Raid of 1862 For the second time in one year, General J.E.B. Stuart rode around General George McClellan’s army. This presentation will explore details of the route, logistics, and the military implications for both sides caused by the raid. – Sarah Kay Bierle

In the Wake of Antietam: The Loudoun Valley Campaign of 1862           Following the bloodiest single day in American history at the Battle of Antietam, in late October 1862, the Federal army crossed into Virginia once more. The ensuing battles that erupted in the Loudoun Valley and beyond raged for two weeks and produced yet another indecisive campaign. — Kevin Pawlak

“Where all so well did their duty” George Greene’s Brigade at Gettysburg Against overwhelming odds, this lone Union brigade held Culp’s Hill in a climactic action on July 2, 1863. Learn about Greene, his men, and their gallant service on the slope of Culp’s Hill in this exciting program. –Dan Welch

Hellmira: The Union’s Most Infamous Civil War Prison Camp–Elmira, NY Long called by some the “Andersonville of the North,” the prisoner of war camp in Elmira, New York, is remembered as the most notorious of all Union-run POW camps. It existed for only a year—from the summer of 1864 to July 1865—but in that time, and for long after, it became darkly emblematic of man’s inhumanity to man. Confederate prisoners called it “Hellmira.” –Derek Maxfield

A Fight for Life or Death: Carnage in the Medical Field During Civil War    What many thought was going to be one battle turned into four years of civil war resulting in over 700,000 casualties.  The battles on the field created another war against disease and wounds that was full of chaos, carnage, and challenges that ultimately propelled the medical field to the advanced practice that many of us take for granted today.                        — Paige Gibbons Backus

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10 Responses to 2020 ECW Virtual Symposium

  1. How long after the 15th will the code be valid? Or will that be explained in the email that goes out?

    • Dan Welch says:

      Hi Sheritta–The code will be valid until the programs are aired on CSPAN. At that point they will be available to everyone via our Youtube channel. So, these programs will be exclusive for our 2020 and 2021 ticket-holders for several weeks.

  2. PATRICIA L CARL says:

    Thanks for doing a virtual symposium, Chris! Looking forward to it. Great line-up!

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  4. Tom Van Wie says:

    Nice idea. Can’t wait. Really missing this year’s in person. Can we register now for next year’s symposium?

    • Dan Welch says:

      Hi Tom–Yes you can! If you head over to the symposium tab on the blog the link is up to register for next year.

  5. John Pryor says:

    Thank and bless you all for you dedication to serious Civil War scholarship and discussion! Stay healthy!

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