Week In Review: August 10-16, 2020

From Wilson’s Creek to the courts of Europe, enslaved and freedmen experiences, interpretation on historical signs, and more, there’s plenty of new posts to explore from the past week…

Monday, August 10:

Question of the Week asked about decisive events in the eastern theater.

Kristen Pawlak wrote about an Iowa soldier’s experiences at Wilson Creek for the battle anniversary.

Tuesday, August 11:

Dave Powell shared some photographs of different historical interpretation on road signs.

Meg Groeling revealed the history of havelocks and some ideas about why some soldiers used them and others tossed out the protective gear.

Wednesday, August 12:

Sarah Kay Bierle wrote about Mary Chesnut and her journal entries about Queen Victoria.

Thursday, August 13:

Sarah Kay Bierle shared about Mary Chesnut and the journal sections about Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie.

Guest author David T. Dixon returned and posted about the experiences of the wealthiest enslaved woman in Savannah.

Friday, August 14:

Guest author Cameron Sauers shared his research about humor in Harper’s Weekly and how it influenced the northern views of “Contraband of War”.

ECW Weekender takes another virtual tour of Smithsonian exhibits related to Civil War printing and journals.

Saturday, August 15:

Saving History Saturday spotlighted an urgent preservation opportunity for Antietam’s West Woods.

Guest author Brendan Hamilton wrote about an African American mother’s objection to forced enlistments.

Sunday, August 16:

This morning Kevin Pawlak shared about the Army of the Potomac’s march from Harrison Landing in August 1862.

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