Question of the Week: 9/21-9/27/20

How many shelves of Civil War books do you have in your home library/collection?

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20 Responses to Question of the Week: 9/21-9/27/20

  1. Walter Wells says:

    62 plus a couple of stacks on the floor.

  2. Mike Maxwell says:

    As a retired Library Assistant I have 23 linear feet of paper references and seven feet of DVD and VHS tapes (all Civil War related) in my office at home. And I am less than an hour’s drive to three University libraries (and the State Library of South Australia.) But most important: EVERYONE with online/ internet connection has access to HathiTrust, and digital libraries as well as the online Library of Congress and ChroniclingAmerica newspaper holdings… plus all the YouTube videos and C-Span videos: the World’s Biggest Library at your fingertips.

  3. SCOTT SHUSTER says:

    I have 30 shelves, plus enough books in stacks to fill at least another 6-8 shelves. I’m trying to figure out where I can put another bookcase!

  4. Andy Douglas says:

    I have over 17 shelves of books, a number of original newspapers, pictures, certificates, guns and letters. Plus a number of books scattered in different rooms. COVID 19 has enlarged my reading habit and enabled me to reread some of my older books! And of course there are also a number of books on my Computer.

    • Meg Groeling says:

      Reading older books is a pleasure very similar to reading something just published. Sort of heady and magical–like cold Jameson’s.

  5. Terrance Yount says:

    15 individual bookcases. 35+ shelves of civil war books. I have other military books on other wars though.

  6. I can’t recall how many shelves, but I have three bookcases dedicated to Civil War. Small beans compared to some, but I have five other bookcases in my office that makes it difficult to expand at the moment. I just got a new bookcase this weekend and it’s already half-filled with the books that have been piling up waiting for a home. I think we just need a move and get a bigger house, haha.

  7. Bruce says:


  8. Rhea Cole says:

    Does the floor count as a shelf?

    • John Foskett says:

      In my case it had better count. That’s where a good chunk of the 2200 Civil War books now reside – along with stacks of CWT, ACW, B&G, etc..

  9. Thomas Pilla says:

    21 for CW books, two for American Indian war books and two for CW magazines.

  10. Douglas Pauly says:

    Geezz, I have them scattered all over my house. Quite a few re on ‘shelves’, quite a few more are on ledges and on the floor and in various rooms. I even have a good ‘lavatory library’ of them.

  11. Dwight Hughes says:

    Close to 50 at say average 32″ each, that’s about 130 shelf-feet. Nothing compulsive about that.

  12. Buck Buchanan says:

    I had 19 but now down to 8. Going to be selling the house in the next 5 years.

  13. badgervan says:

    24 shelves and many on floor. kind of addicting….

  14. Bob Ruth says:

    We recently downsized to a one-story house. I don’t have any more room for book cases, so I’ve had to get most of my books from the public library, instead of buying them. My wife prohibits me from stacking books on the floor.

  15. Dr. Joe Trahan says:

    I think at least 20.

  16. Andrew Houseman says:

    I live in England so books have not always been easy to obtain. However, it still means I have about 1500 books on many aspects of the ACW including campaigns, battles etc and a further 500 or so about Lincoln. I have a very patient wife who never complains about yet another addition only asking where are going to put it

  17. Twenty-nine shelves, most about 3 feet or so. Plus the floor. Plus a pile next to my bed. Plus many on my Nook.

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