ECW Weekender: The Chancellorsville History Trail’s Western Loop

At the end of July, I posted about the 3.6-mile Chancellorsville History Trail that departs from the parking lot near the Chancellorsville Visitor Center (CVC). The trail winds through the area of Confederate attacks on July 3, north of the Orange Turnpike; out past the site of the Chancellorsville mansion; along Hooker’s last line; past the Bullock Farm; then through area where the Union army staved off probes from Confederates before finally withdrawing. It’s a big loop, with a 0.2-mile spur that connects it to the CVC parking lot.

But there’s a smaller loop trail not too far away, either, that I didn’t include in my original post. I said then that I’d follow-up with a post that highlighted that smaller loop. Well, here it is, as promised! (And, as promised, it’s a short loop….)

To get to the trailhead, leave the visitor center and walk to the Bullock Road (away from the parking lot). The trailhead departs from the roadside and heads westward into the woods. Be careful crossing the road to get to the trailhead.

About 0.1-mile in, you’ll come to a fork. Go left. That will shortly bring you to some Federal earthworks.

From there, continue along the path for another 0.1-mile, and you’ll reach the second of the two signs that are on this small loop.

Continue along the path until you get back to the fork, and bear to the left to get back to CVC. It’s as simple as that!

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