Week In Review: September 27-October 4, 2020

Lots of posts about books this week as we finished the Home Libraries Series. Phill Greenwalt heads for adventures in the Western Theater. Preservation news, history trail photos, and more!

Sunday, September 27:

Home Libraries: Jon-Erik Gilot shared some stream of consciousness about his book collection.

Monday, September 28:

Question of the Week asked about the newest and oldest books in your home libraries.

David Dixon observed the changes in biography as part of Civil War historiography.

Home Libraries: Dan Welch posted about the growth of his research collection.

Tuesday, September 29:

Home Libraries: Terry Rensel described moving his books and collections on a variety of historical subjects.

Meg Groeling shared about working with Ryan Hendricks, a genealogist who specializes in Civil War research.

Bert Dunkley posted about Maggie Walker and how she valued history.

Wednesday, September 30:

Free ECW Podcast – Phill Greenwalt explored the Western Theater during a recent vacation and shares about his adventures.

Kristen Pawlak wrote about the church St. Bridget of Erin in St. Louis, a historic site that was demolished in 2016.

Sending congratulations and best wishes to Jim Lighthizer as he retires from American Battlefield Trust.

Home Libraries: Derek Maxfield shared about his books which are guarded by an adorable cat.

Thursday, October 1:

Sarah Kay Bierle posted a primary source story about a “battle” in an apple orchard.

Home Libraries: Sarah Kay Bierle cataloged how she lines up the books on the shelves.

Phill Greenwalt posted about his trip to the Western Theater.

Friday, October 2:

Home Libraries: Wrapping up the series…

ECW Weekender: Chris Mackowski posted the photos from Chancellorsville’s History Trail Western Loop.

ECW is on C-SPAN3 this weekend with Mark Maloy’s presentation on Fort Sumter.

Saturday, October 3:

Saving History Saturday highlighted recent recognition for the Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center.

Guest author Tim Talbott shared about the Battle of New Market Heights Memorial and Educational Association and the preservation work that is in progress for this battlefield.

Sunday, October 4:

There’s a new book debuting in the “Engaging the Civil War” Series: Imagining Wild Bill

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