Maine at War: September 2020

The incoming Pleasant River tide reflects the lobster boat Anita Joyce, moored just downstream from the town wharf in Addison on a beautiful summer’s day in Washington County. (County Wide News Photo by Brian F. Swartz)

Here’s what our friend Brian Swartz was up to in September at his blog, Maine at War:

September 2, 2020: A hero emerges at Chancellorsville, part 1

Charles Clark leaves school in rural Piscataquis County to join the 6th Maine Infantry Regiment in spring 1861. Two years later, Confederates trap the regiment on the bluffs above Banks’ Ford on the Rappahannock, and Clark suddenly realizes that the 6th Maine is sunk.

September 9, 2020: A hero emerges at Chancellorsville, part 2

Surrounded on three sides in the dark, and with tall bluffs to their rear, the 6th Maine Infantry lads figure they are toast. With the colonel gone, the senior captain wrings his hands, and young Adjutant Charles Clark takes charge to lead the regiment to safety over the bluffs.

September 16, 2020: Whether Tabbutt, Tibbets, or Tibbetts, an Addison warrior he was

Neither the federal nor state governments could spell his surname correctly, but Hillman Look Tibbetts proves that a sailor from a small Washington County coastal town can fight as well as any landlubber.

September 23, 2020: 5th Maine lads expertly foraged for food in the Virginia countryside

Corp. William Holmes Morse proudly bears the colors and secretly steals Confederate hogs to feed himself and his buddies as the 5th Maine Infantry crisscross the Virginia countryside.

September 30, 2020: Charlie Brown wore blue, gray, and then blue once too often

Hailing from the mountains of northwestern Maine, Charles Webster Brown figures he can play both ends to the middle after he joins the Union army. Then he crosses paths with Elijah V. “Lige” White.

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