Appomattox – Photos with the Lens of Change

Yesterday an autumn drive on Virginia backroads led to Appomattox Court House. The rainy day with splashes of vibrant colors on the trees offered a different view and perspective on the historic site. I hope you’ll enjoy these photos from the place where the Civil War war began its formal ending.

Usually, I prefer to “picture” Appomattox in the spring and it reminds me of a new chapter and new beginnings in the history books. This time I started considering the place through the lens of change, inspired by the sights of seasonal change around the battlefield and historic village.

One place, one word: Appomattox.
Drifting leaves whisper around the North Carolina monument
Nature and man-made monuments
Legends of gold?
A place of falling dreams…
The road to Appomattox
The Wilmer McLean House [back of the structure]
Subtle autumn reds along the road to the McLean Home.
Historic gold…
Let the news of peace ring out…

Ready for home [printing presses for the parole papers]
Autumn and Reconstruction [reconstructed/rebuilt court house at Appomattox]

Silent witness as words replaced the bullets to talk of surrender.

9 Responses to Appomattox – Photos with the Lens of Change

  1. The first time I went to Appomattox, I walked past the Peers House and kept going all the way to the artillery set up beyond Appomattox River. There was a family cemetery nearby. It was so neat to explore beyond the typical route.
    The pictures are lovely! And poignant captions. Thank you for sharing!

  2. With our move from Connecticut to Florida, we’ve lost the sharp demarcation of the seasons. Thank you for these wonderful pictures!

  3. Good stuff Sarah. My wife and I are talking about just hopping into the car and driving there on one of these upcoming weekends. The leaves changing are part of that. It’s such a pretty part of the world there!

  4. I was there just about a year ago with Ed Bearss on his final tour, brings back lots of memories especially hiking up to Lee’s headquarters marker.

  5. The peacefulness of these captured moments is something we need today as a reminder that you may live in crazy times but this too shall pass. Thanks!

  6. Beautiful photos of a place so important to our history and reminds us of the sacrafice of so many

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