Saving History Saturday: 303 Acres To Save In Tennessee

American Battlefield Trust announced the opportunity to preserve two important tracts totaling 301 acres at Lookout Mountain and Franklin in Tennessee.

According the news release:

We have the unbelievable opportunity to save critical parcels of historic land on two Tennessee battlefields, for a combined total of 303 acres! The first tract includes 301 acres that played an important role in the “Battle Above the Clouds” at Lookout Mountain. The second tract is a small but crucial parcel at the Franklin Battlefield, which adds a key piece of ground to the land you’ve already worked so hard to reclaim and restore.

Your gift today of any size will be matched $53-to-$1, meaning that instead of us raising nearly $13,100 per acre, we only need to raise $248 per acre. Thanks to several key partnerships, matching grants, and your generosity, we can save more than 303 acres — worth nearly $4 million in transaction value — for a combined total of just $75,000!

To explore historical details related to the land or make a donation to American Battlefield Trust, please visit this page on their website:

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