Exploring the Franklin Battlefield

Carter Hill Park, neat the Cotton Gin; the Carter House is located across the road beyond the fence.

I had the good fortune back in September to visit the Franklin Civil War Roundtable in Tennessee. (As I mentioned in an earlier post, they tossed a great question my way during the Q&A that gave me something fun to think about.) My host for the trip was the roundtable’s founder and president, Greg Wade, who was kind enough to show me around the battlefield while I was there.

In fact, Greg was so gracious, he agreed to shoot some videos with me about the Franklin battlefield for the ECW YouTube page. We’ll start rolling those out tonight, three times a week, leading up to the anniversary of the battle itself at the end of this month. Watch for them on MWFs at 6:30 p.m.

To get you started, here’s a link to the first video:

Franklin has been the posterchild for successful battlefield reclamation. Piece by piece, preservationists have been puzzling the core of the battlefield back together. I was delighted by how much there was to see and explore, particularly because I didn’t have a lot of time my last time there (in 2015). Kudos to everyone involved in the great work going on out there!


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  1. Thanks Chris for the update on Franklin Battlefield. I look forward to seeing more videos of the 2020 Franklin Battlefield.

    I was at Franklin once back in 1997 when It was only the Carter House, McGavock Carnton Plantation and Cemetery. One of the things on my list of things to do on my retirement wish list is to revisit to see the expanded Franklin Battlefield.

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