Week In Review: November 2-8, 2020

Spent the week keeping up with the news and might have missed some blog posts? No worries! We’ve got the week in review for you with a full selection of historical politics, cinema-worthy moments on the Mississippi River, biographical reflections, and more. Lots of history to explore…

Monday, November 2:

Question of the Week highlighted senators during 1850’s and 1860’s.

David Dixon shared about the life of Charles DeRudio, an Italian American Civil War soldier.

Tuesday, November 3:

Sean Michael Chick posted about the dramatic 1858 election for mayor in New Orleans.

Sarah Kay Bierle shared excerpts from George Templeton Strong’s diaries about election day turn-out and responses in New York City, before, during, and after the Civil War.

Wednesday, November 4:

Dwight Hughes wrote the exciting account of running the Vicksburg Batteries.

Chris Mackowski shared a new video from Franklin battlefield.

Thursday, November 5:

Sarah Kay Bierle posted Winfield S. Hancock’s response to the election results of 1880.

Chris Mackowski reflected on the process of democracy in a republic as part of the great task remaining before us.

Friday, November 6:

Guest author KatyBerman shared about the bluffs at Columbus, Kentucky and the Civil War history that happened there.

Guest author Patrick Young from The Reconstruction Era blog highlighted the 1868 election and its political violence.

What news on Maine at War? Check it out!

Saturday, November 7:

Saving History Saturday focused on Maine’s historical survey for preservation.

Chris Mackowski pondered if McClellan “could have been someone other than McClellan.”

Sunday, November 8:

Meg Groeling posted her Weekly Whitman and the poem “Ashes of Soldiers.”

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