Saving History Saturday: Maine’s Historical Survey for Preservation

Battlefields need preserving, but so do sites or buildings in the hometowns where Civil War soldiers hailed from…and here’s some interesting news from the homefront in the far north.

The Maine Historic Preservation Commission and several other organizations have launched their routine, five year study to help identify new and continuing preservation projects in the state. Part of the study includes an online survey for anyone to take to help spotlight historic sites and buildings in the local community for restoration or recognition.

In the past, this survey and project have helped many towns and communities identify the history along their streets and bays, saving homes, schools, and other pieces of the past where Civil War soldiers grew up or where veterans returned.

One of the organizers explained that public involvement is key in this process since many people have their own research projects and niche interests. The survey and study can help bring this research and historic knowledge to light and give it a larger meaning in local or state history. In turn, with increased knowledge, the state grants and historic preservation funding can be better allocated to helping residents save historic properties.

For the complete news article and more details or idea on how other communities can outreach for “backyard preservation,” visit the Maine Biz page:

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