Saving History Saturday: Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is coming up next week, and we wanted to pass along word about a couple giving opportunities from some of ECW’s partners, the Central Virginia Battlefields Trust, the Civil War Roundtable Congress, and the American Battlefield Trust.

(And while ECW isn’t doing a formal fund-raising “ask” this year, we are a 501(c)3 and would be glad for your financial support!)

First, from the Central Virginia Battlefields Trust:

This year we’ve seen people taking time to rediscover local history sites and enjoying a dose of the positivity by taking a walk in the great outdoors. It’s a reminder of the importance of battlefield preservation is—saving places where history happened and creating trails and much-needed greenspace in the community.

We can still work together to save Civil War battlefields even if we have to stand with skirmish line distancing. This Giving Tuesday, Central Virginia Battlefields Trust invites you to continue the mission and preserve hallowed ground. There is still more land to be saved at Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, The Wilderness, and Spotsylvania Court House, and you can be part of the next land save, ensuring that funding is ready for the swift response when opportunity comes. 

Together, we strengthen the preservation reserves and ensure that more battlefield land can be saved, explored, and treasured for every generation.

Second, from the Civil War Roundtable Congress and the American Battlefield Trust:

The Civil War Roundtable (CWRT) Congress provides educational and logistical support for Civil War round tables across the country. Recognizing that battlefields are a vital educational tool for understanding the Civil War, the Congress seeks to promote battlefield preservation through a partnership with the American Battlefield Trust. The Trust is the nation’s largest battlefield preservation organization.

“We want to help ensure American’s never forget the stories and lessons of the Civil War,” said CWRT Congress President Mike Movius. “Battlefields not only provide spaces for education but also contemplation and reflection. They are unique and irreplaceable resources.”

The goal for the 2020 Giving Tuesday campaign is $10,000.  Donations made through the CWRT Congress will be split equally between the Congress and the American Battlefield Trust. The Trust will utilize their share of donations for conservation, restoration, and interpretation projects.

Today, more than 10,000 acres of battlefield land await transfer to state, regional and national parks. They require the removal of non-historic buildings, restoration of tree lines, trail building, interpretative sign development and visitor access. More information on the initiatives is available at

The CWRT Congress will utilize its share of donations to continue to develop proven practices, assist CWRTs with program resources, communicate success stories, and build networks for organizational improvement and sharing. Donations can be made at

“In this time of uncertainty, stress and even despair, one thing that gives us hope is that this crisis is catalyzing innovation like we’ve never seen before,” said Movius. “We owe this not only to a sense of urgency, but to our desire to share information, ideas and collaborate, which has never been stronger.”

Giving Tuesday is a global opportunity for people and organizations around the world to use their individual power of generosity to remain connected and support their communities. The Giving Tuesday season runs from November 27 through December 4.

The mission of the CWRT Congress is to provide new and existing Civil War Round Tables with time-tested tools to help them expand their membership, reduce operating costs, have effective governance structures, develop meaningful partnerships and raise sufficient funds for quality programs and historic preservation. These elements should assist CWRTs to become sustainable organizations and to avoid actions that could damage their integrity, effectiveness and efficiency.

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