Gaines’ Mill Sunset

Sunset at Gaines’ Mill, near the Watt House, on Saturday, November 28, 2020
Richmond National Battlefield

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10 Responses to Gaines’ Mill Sunset

  1. Bill G says:

    Question: have you ever explored an area (with permission, of course) using a metal detector? K

    • Chris Mackowski says:

      I have not. I”m not opposed to metal detecting when done properly and with permission, but it’s just something I’ve ever gotten interested in myself.

  2. Nice photography!

  3. carsonfoardsbcglobalnet says:

    About the time of the Gaines Mill battle, a 2greatuncle became ill and died in hospital in Richmond on July 6, 1862. He was the second son of that family branch to die; the first was in Smithfield, Virginia, in February, 1862.

    • Chris Mackowski says:

      Thanks for sharing that story, Carson. Two sons in the first years of the war–what a terrible toll. How did the rest of the family fare as the war went on?

  4. John Foskett says:

    Chris: Nice photo. Except for the time of year, that brings to mind how things may have looked when the 5th Corps line was finally broken.

  5. Jonathan Hunt says:

    Is that hole in the tree what it looks like…made by a cannon ball?

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