Franklin’s Crossing at Fredericksburg

Earlier this year I had a rare opportunity to visit the site of Franklin’s Crossing (also known at the Lower Crossing) at Fredericksburg. The site sits on land owned by Spotsylvania County and isn’t currently accessible to the public. These are looking east from the Fredericksburg side:

Franklin's Crossing July 2020
Franklin’s Crossing July 2020
Franklin's Crossing July 2020 upriver
Franklin’s Crossing July 2020 upriver

9 Responses to Franklin’s Crossing at Fredericksburg

  1. The last 6-acres of undeveloped land at Franklin’s Crossing is currently for sale if the CVBT is interested. Though it doesn’t have water access…it’s the location of three campaigns; Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville (Second Fredericksburg), & the battle of Franklin’s Crossing (the opening curtain to the Gettysburg Campaign).

  2. Do you have or know of photos or artifacts ,documents from this battle? I have some paper work including a photo and watercolor painting of a soildger.that died there presumed to be a family member.Jessie William union 2nd lt

    1. The NPS folks at Fredericksburg Spotsylvania National National Military Park would have lots of stuff. Do you know what unit he was in?

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