Question of the Week: 12/14-12/20/20

Last week there were lots of blog post with holiday gift ideas, so…

What books are on your wish list this season?

8 Responses to Question of the Week: 12/14-12/20/20

  1. The Three Battles of Sand Creek (Gregory Mincho)

    Three Cornered War (Megan Kate Nelson)

    Impulse of Victory: Grant at Chattanooga (David A. Powell)

  2. Oh, goodness… Where to start…
    “Red River Campaign: Politics and Cotton in the Civil War” by Ludwell Johnson
    “Chimborazo: The Confederacy’s Largest Hospital” by Carol Cranmer Green
    “Dreams of Africa in Alabama: The Slave Ship Clotilda and the Story of the Last Africans Brought to America” by Sylviane A. Diouf
    “While in the Hands of the Enemy: Military Prisons of the Civil War” by Charles W. Sanders Jr.
    “Keep the Days: Reading the Civil War Diaries of Southern Women” by Steven M. Stowe
    “The Irish in the American Civil War” by Damian Shiels
    And of course all the waiting-to-be-released ECW books. These are just a few. My list grows almost daily. I really need to win the lottery, haha.

  3. I bought a bunch of Savas Beatie Civil War books last week. The Tullahoma Campaign books is the one I most looking forward too. The Balls Bluff book is another one I look forward too. That’s a fascinating battle and that time of the war I find most interesting.

  4. “Bored of the Rings” by Henry Beard and Douglas Kenney, both of whom went on to create National Lampoon Magazine. No, it’s not about the Civil War, but it is THE funniest book I have ever read! Bar none. And given what has transpired via 2020, that’s gotta count for something!

  5. So many great books to choose from, but I’m particularly wishing for “Fallen Leaves
    The Civil War Letters of Major Henry Livermore Abbott.” I’ve developed an interest the 20th Massachusetts Infantry history this year so of course reading soldiers’ letters is a good place to start and Abbott is next on the list! We’ll see if the reindeer can add the extra weight to the sleigh…since Amazon is starting to move at McClellan speed for my book orders these days. 😉

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