Week In Review: January 3-10, 2021

This week we continued with the What We’ve Learned series which looks back to the Sesquicentennial, but you’ll also find some quickly added posts with historical perspective on the modern events which unfolded this week. Also, great posts about a regiment’s company, re-evaluating research at Antietam, emancipation, Confederate Irish Brigade, and more.

Sunday, January 3:

In the evening, David T. Dixon shared research about John Wolcott Phelps’ Emancipation Proclamation.

Monday, January 4:

Question of the Week focused on states during the Civil War era.

What We’ve Learned: Chris Mackowski posted about usable history.

Guest author Chris Bryan re-examines Ezra Carmen’s writings from Antietam.

Tuesday, January 5:

What We’ve Learned: Sarah Kay Bierle added some thoughts about the last ten years.

Phill Greenwalt shared about David Harvey Hill, his life and legacy.

Chris Mackowski hosted a BookChat with Timothy B. Smith, author of The Union Assaults on Vicksburg.

Wednesday, January 6:

What We’ve Learned: Chris K. Howland wrote about his perspective of reassessment since the Sesquicentennial.

Chris Kolakowski offered some lessons from sieges and prisoners of war for 2021.

Sarah Kay Bierle noticed a tiny parallel to 1861 while watching livestream of the violence in Washington D.C.

Thursday, January 7:

Jon Tracey posted about the 2nd Company G of the 103 Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.

Ryan Quint addressed the myth of a Confederate Irish Brigade at the Sunken Road of Fredericksburg.

Chris Mackowski wrote about the assault on the U.S. Capitol and the Confederate flag.

Friday, January 8:

What We’ve Learned: There’s a new free podcast for the series (recorded in December 2020 and looking at the last 10 years)

New posts from Brian Swartz’s Maine at War studies…

Saturday, January 9:

Saving History Saturday: New preservation at Fort Blakely in Alabama.

Chris Mackowski posted about Mississippi’s secession in 1861.

Sunday, January 10:

This morning Meg Groeling’s Weekly Whitman focused on “The Sounds of Winter.”

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