Andrew Johnson’s Impeachment (Now Available As A Free Podcast Episode)

We’re revisiting the historic topic of impeachment in U.S. History and making this podcast free for the first time!

In November 2019, historian Emma Murphy from the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site discussed the first presidential impeachment trial with Chris Mackowski. Since the podcast recording, Emma Murphy has since transferred to Vicksburg National Park, but her research, historical details, and perspective on Andrew Johnson and impeachment are relevant and helpful.

Listen for free: Andrew Johnson’s Impeachment¬†

3 Responses to Andrew Johnson’s Impeachment (Now Available As A Free Podcast Episode)

  1. How far apart were Nathan B. Forrest and Andrew Johnson on their views of blacks? Not a whole lot, yet one was a Confederate and one the Unionist vice-President of Abraham Lincoln.

    Also, I quibble with Reconstruction still being the Civil War. The Civil War ended, I think, with the passing of 13th amendment, which ended slavery. Most people agree the Civil War was about slavery. It definitely wasn’t about ending white supremacy. Lincoln, along with Andrew Johnson, were both white supremacists themselves and didn’t see blacks as their equals yet. And they were not alone, hence Reconstruction ultimately ends in Jim Crow.

    Nice discussion.

    1. Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was a fun discussion to have.

      I think it’s fair to quibble about Reconstruction as part of the war or not. The book that really shaped my thinking on that was Brian Matthew Jordan’s “Marching Home.”

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