Week in Review: February 14-21, 2021

Fort Donelson shares the topic spotlight with Black History, leadership studies, Mardi Gras, and more! Here’s the week in review in case you missed a few posts or want to re-read…

Sunday, February 14:

In the evening, guest author Mark Wade shared about collecting Civil War books.

Monday, February 15:

Question of the Week highlight Fort Donelson and whether it was the campaign that decided the war.

David T. Dixon wrote about the Black Brigade and the defense of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Chris Kolakowski posted about Simon Bolivar Buckner’s assessments of Longstreet and Bragg.

Tuesday, February 16:

Guest author Neil P. Chatelain shared research about Mardi Gras during the Civil War.

Looking for a book about Forts Henry and Donelson? Check out this one which received the ECW Book Award in 2017.

Chris Mackowski wrote about the effects of Fort Donelson.

There’s a new free ECW Podcast episode, focusing on making maps of the Western Theater.

Wednesday, February 17:

Symposium Spotlight: Edward Alexander will be speaking at the 2021 Symposium in August.

Patrick Young shared about the history of Black History and Black Resistance.

Ted Savas wrote about George Washington Rains and his observations on the ironclad gunboats at Fort Donelson.

Thursday, February 18:

There’s a new ECW book coming…What If

Guest author John Roos evaluates John F. Reynold’s leadership.

Friday, February 19:

Cecily Nelson Zander shared about her experience teaching Civil War history during a pandemic.

ECW Weekender: Sarah Kay Bierle posted snow photos and a little history from the Confederate Cemetery at Spotsylvania Court House.

Saturday, February 20:

Saving History Saturday: Central Virginia Battlefields Trust is helping to save 36 acres of The Wilderness Battlefield.

Chris Heisey posted a photo and reflections about the 40th Parallel and the search for freedom.

Sunday, February 21:

Weekly Whitman: Meg Groeling posted “Dirge for Two Veterans.”

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