Week In Review: May 10-16, 2021

Western Theater takes the spotlight this week… Check out the variety of posts shared in the last seven days on the ECW blog.

Monday, May 10:

Question of the Week asked about famous last words.

Chris Mackowski wrote about Grant’s advance into Mississippi and the response from the citizens of Jackson.

Chris Mackowski added a photo of Spring Hill where Earl Van Dorn was murdered.

Tuesday, May 11:

Steve Davis posted about Mrs. John B. Gordon and how her incident in Winchester, Virginia was recorded and remembered.

Guest author Adam Burke explored a paradox of the Lost Cause (Part 1).

Wednesday, May 12:

Check out the details about Gordon Rhea’s new book releasing in the autumn: Stephen A. Swails: Black Freedom Fighter in the Civil War and Reconstruction

In Part 2, guest author Adam Burke explored a paradox of the Lost Cause.

Where was the infamous stump at Spotsylvania’s Bloody Angle? Chris Mackowski has answers and photos.

Thursday, May 13:

Details about the 15th New Jersey at Spotsylvania’s Bloody Angle…

Sarah Kay Bierle posted about “Grant, The Tanner” and explored a 19th Century political cartoon.

When Charles A. Willison from the 76th Ohio met an alligator!

Friday, May 14:

Veteran Samuel C. Miles set out to correct errors about the Battle of Jackson, Mississippi.

ECW Weekender highlighted tours in New Market, Virginia for the battle anniversary.

Doug Crenshaw’s presentation about the Battle of Fort Harrison goes live on C-SPAN3!

Saturday, May 15:

Saving History Saturday: Preservation Virginia has released their 2021 list of endangered historic sites, including a majority with Civil War connections.

Sunday, May 16:

This morning guest author Daniel A. Masters shared about an English officer remembering the Battle of Champion Hill.

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