Week In Review: May 31-June 6, 2021

Monday, May 31:

Question of the Week focused on recruiting regiments.

Recruiting The Regiment: Jon Tracey wrote about the 130th Pennsylvania Infantry from York County.

Patrick Young from Echoes of the Reconstruction Blog rounded up some of his recent favorite books.

Tuesday, June 1:

Recruiting The Regiment: Dave Powell shared about politics and the 36th Illinois Infantry’s road to war.

Steve Davis wrote about The Civil War Battles of Macon.

Here’s what new on the Maine at War blog by Brian Swartz…

Wednesday, June 2:

Recruiting The Regiment: Kristen Pawlak wrote about the The First Missouri Confederate Regiment.

Chris Mackowski hosted a BookChat with Richard Miller, author of John P. Slough.

Jon Tracey shared some reflections on historians and word choice.

Chris Mackowski posted a follow-up note to the review of The Civil War Battles of Macon.

Thursday, June 3:

Bert Dunkerly wrote about the IX Corps at Antietam in his series revisiting the lower field.

For the Battle of Cold Harbor anniversary, Bert Dunkerly posted about myths and misconceptions around this fight.

Recruiting The Regiment: Dwight Hughes wrote about crews for the ironclads.

Friday, June 4:

David T. Dixon reviewed The Last Slave Ships.

ECW Weekender highlighted a short trail on Massanutten Mountain in the Shenandoah Valley.

Recruiting The Regiment: Ryan Quint wrote about the 2nd Maine Infantry.

Sarah Kay Bierle and Jon Tracey are back on CSPAN3 this weekend.

Saturday, June 5:

Saving History Saturday: American Battlefields Trust and 144 acres at Champion Hill

Recruiting The Regiment: Terry Rensel posted about The Erie Regiment.

Sunday, June 6: 

Meg Groeling is back! She shares what’s been happening and a little poetry in “Weakly Whitman.”

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