ECW Podcast: The Early Phases of the Atlanta Campaign

Steve Davis talks about the early phases of the 1864 Atlanta Campaign in this new podcast episode. His years of research on the campaign have resulted in seven books and national awards, including the Fletcher Pratt Award, the Richard Barksdale Harwell Award, and the Douglas Southall Freeman Award. Don’t miss this closer look at one of the decisive campaigns of the Civil War…

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4 Responses to ECW Podcast: The Early Phases of the Atlanta Campaign

  1. This Podcast is highly entertaining as well as educational. Once again, I am amazed that the US Army(my service branch) continues to name a major base after loser Braxton Bragg.

    1. As you know, not a loser in the Mexican War. Big time winner. National hero for helping to subjugate Mexico. “A little more grape Capt. Bragg” – Gen. Zachary Taylor – supposedly.

      Of course Ft. Bragg was named after Bragg’s Confederate service, but that was the WWI/II Jim Crow era United States for you. Hard to undo the memory of Ft. Bragg now since so many troops trained there went on to annihilate Nazi Germany and have served in every conflict since. Probably best not to name it after any person since they are all human. Maybe they could re-name it Fort North Carolina or some geographical feature. Then again North Carolina was a Confederate state and that could be criticized too. Oh well.

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