Week In Review: June 20-27, 2021

We hope you’ve had a good summer week. It’s been busy as usual on the blog with lots of historical writing and thoughts…

Sunday, June 20:

In the evening, Sarah Kay Bierle posted excerpts from Henry L. Abbott’s letters to his “governor” for Father’s Day.

Monday, June 21:

Question of the Week asked about your favorite Civil War letter.

Guest author Max Longley shared about Lucius Bierce and his possible influence on his nephew, Ambrose Bierce (Part 1).

Tuesday, June 22:

Part 2 of guest author Max Longley’s research about Lucius Bierce, Ambrose Bierce, and the Civil War.

Chris Kolakowski posted about the troubles with hindsight and used Grant’s Vicksburg Campaign to illustrate his points.

Recruiting The Regiment: Sarah Kay Bierle highlighted a few recruiting scenes in movies.

Wednesday, June 23:

Symposium Spotlight: Find hotels and symposium rates for lodgings in the Fredericksburg area!

Phill Greenwalt wrote about a flag for a fallen colonel from Florida.

Wrapping up the series Recruiting The Regiment. Here’s the list of all blog posts!

Thursday, June 24:

David T. Dixon shared some thoughts about creating or naming monumental landmarks or natural wonders.

Guest author Sheritta Bitikofer shared about walking Fort Blakeley Battlefield at Mobile, Alabama.

Sarah Kay Bierle wrote something on a dare…the Gettysburg Address reformatted as a wedding toast.

Friday, June 25:

Kevin Pawlak reviewed A Fire in the Wilderness.

Chris Mackowski posted about his trip to Rocktop Bookshop and Bindery in Cashtown, Pennsylvania.

Saturday, June 26:

Saving History Saturday: Updates on the Adams County Historical Society’s new exhibit gallery, archives, and education center.

There’s a new ECW Podcast episode… Steve Davis shared about the early phrases of the Atlanta Campaign.

Sunday, June 27:

Meg Groeling posted some history about Walt Whitman’s poem “When Lilacs Last Bloom’d…” for her weekly column.

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