Wearing the Beard

I thought it’d be fun to end June on a light note….

Let’s face it, as Civil War fans, we have all had a discussion at least once about the craziest Civil War beards. Here at ECW, we’ve certainly had our fair share of beard discussions every once in a while. (Here’s one, and another, and another!)

For my birthday recently, my wife got me a t-shirt featuring the beards of some Civil War generals. This will be easy for some of you, but can you name the Civil War general who goes with each beard?

Answers after the break:

Bragg’s unibrow might be my favorite part of the shirt, although I’m glad to have my boy Stonewall Jackson top-center.

These are all Confederate beards. If anyone has a corresponding shirt with Union beards, I’d love to see ’em!

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6 Responses to Wearing the Beard

  1. Lyle Smith says:

    The bottom three were pretty easy, but found the top line more of a challenge. I did assume they were all Confederates. Watch out where you wear that shirt!

  2. navyblue77 says:

    what a neat gift … i only got J.E.B. … not that easy.

  3. Mike Busovicki says:

    Lee was a tougher guess with the dark beard…

  4. Katy Berman says:

    That was fun! I missed Beauregard.

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