Week In Review: July 12-18, 2021

It’s time for Week in Review…

Monday, July 12:

Question of the Week asked about summer reading…

Bert Dunkerly reviewed The Civil War Memoir of a Boy from Baltimore.

Tuesday, July 13:

Sarah Kay Bierle posted a newspaper account of Dan Sickles and a photographer at Gettysburg in 1893.

Hannah Roesch wrote a guest post about John Logan’s legacy.

Wednesday, July 14:

Symposium Spotlight: 1 ticket for 2021 left!

Guest author Carlos Mutis wrote about Hispanics and their service during the Civil War.

Thursday, July 15:

Chris Mackowski posted about a mysterious coincidence at the end of the Vicksburg Campaign.

Sheritta Bitikofer shared Part 1 of her research about the Marmillion Family and their plantation.

Drew Gruber added news about new Civil War signs along Maryland waterways highlighting Frederick Douglass’s life.

Friday, July 16:

Sheritta Bitikofer posted Part 2 of untangling the genealogy of the Marmillion Family and details about their plantation.

ECW Weekender highlighted 160th anniversary events at Manassas National Battlefield.

Saturday, July 17:

Saving History Saturday spotlighted American Battlefield Trust’s efforts to save 3.5 new acres at Manassas Battlefield.

Steve Davis reviewed The Complete Pickett’s Mill Battlefield Trail Guide.

Sunday, July 18:

This morning Meg Groeling shared “A March in the Ranks Hard-prest, and the Road Unknown” for Weekly Whitman.


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