Question of the Week: 8/2-8/8/21


In your opinion what Civil War regiment was “best-dressed”?

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  1. The 64th Illinois Infantry… and every other regiment, company or scout that was armed with the Henry Rifle (a lever-action long gun with tubular magazine capable of holding sixteen .44 calibre cartridges). Lee Ermey (drill instructor in “Full Metal Jacket”) had a YouTube video demonstrating the operation of the Henry Rifle, but it has been taken down. The attached demonstration is by Hickok45 published in 2014

  2. Interesting question. There is a book on this that I think came out after the Civil War , written by a member of the Quartermaster Corps but I don’t recall for sure,

    Next week can we discuss which side, Union and Confederates had the best foot-wear? Or maybe which regiment had the best food?

  3. Of course, the Zouaves! Any and all, from the Louisiana Tigers to the 11th NY–That, and even now there is nothing more stirring to the heart than a line of well-uniformed Yankee men.

  4. He’s not a regiment, you could call him a “one-man band,” but my vote for the best-dressed PERSONAGE of the Civil War goes to JEB STUART, with foppish GEORGE PICKETT (he of the famous “charge”) coming in second, all nicely pomaded, of course!

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