William Sherman Sneak Peek

Want a sneak peek at another upcoming title in the Emerging Civil War Series….?

We just finished this cover design today. Derek D. Maxfield is the author of Hellmira: The Union’s Most Infamous Civil War Prison Camp – Elmira, NY. His latest book, a look at the complex life of one of the north’s most famous (and infamous) generals will be out as part of Savas Beatie’s 2022 line-up!

3 Responses to William Sherman Sneak Peek

  1. My Cousin WT mentioned his grandmother Betsy Stoddard in his memoirs as a profound influence in his life. WT’s brother John Sherman of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act fame mentioned Betsy too, though WT and John were raised in separate households following the early death of their father. I moved to Atlanta as a kid and was told by my older brothers to keep our kinship to the Shermans quiet. Yet by ending the war fast WT saved perhaps tens of thousands of lives.

  2. Who is on the cover of the new Gettysburg book by David Beatie? He is holding a sword. Pls don’t tell me it’s Robert e Lee !

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