ECW Weekender: Frozen Custard & Battlefields

It’s blazing hot here on the East Coast this weekend, and it seems like a good time to revisit some of the ice cream and frozen custard posts hiding in the ECW archives…

Carl’s Frozen Custard (Fredericksburg Virginia)

Pack’s Frozen Custard (New Market, Virginia)

And unbelievably, we couldn’t find a post in the archives about Nutter’s in Sharpsburg. (Their website is here.) Surely, that must be remedied with a visit and a blog post sometime later in the year!

Where are your favorite places to get a cold treat when near a battlefield?

During the Symposium Weekend, Sarah Kay Bierle and Caroline Davis introduced Sherrita Bitikofer to Carl’s in Fredericksburg. (Sheritta’s husband and Caroline’s dad also came along!)

9 Responses to ECW Weekender: Frozen Custard & Battlefields

  1. Nathan’s Dairy Bar in Manassas! It’s close to the battlefield as well as Mayfield Earthwork Fort

  2. Went to Nutter’s after walking 36 miles in 2017 from Barnesville, MD to Sharpsburg, following in my great-great grandfather’s, and the 65th NY’s, footsteps. It was delicious.

  3. We just visited South Mountain Creamery and it was great! It’s a blast for kids to see the cows getting milked and they have a lot of original flavors of ice cream and shakes. It’s near Fox’s Gap and the Reno monument.

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