Week In Review: September 13-19, 2021

Monday, September 13:

Question of the Week had a Maryland Campaign theme.

Kevin Pawlak wrote about the unlucky lost order.

Chris Mackowski posted a collection of blog posts related to the discovery of Special Orders 191.

Zachery Fry reviewed Decisions at Antietam: The Fourteen Critical Decisions that Defined the Battle.

Tuesday, September 14:

JoAnna McDonald wrote about Robert E. Lee’s humor.

Sarah Kay Bierle shared a few thoughts on historical interpretation inspired by a recent museum visit.

Chris Mackowski posted Part 3 of Alfred Waud’s “sketchy” Spotsylvania.

Wednesday, September 15:

Jon Tracey wrote about battle’s aftermath at Gettysburg’s Spangler Spring.

Derek Maxfield posted about Sherman’s pre-war opinions on slavery.

Thursday, September 16:

Cecily Nelson Zander shared notes about Kate Stone’s diary.

Meg Groeling revealed her recent anniversary present. Did it belong to General Custer?

Kevin Pawlak posted about Antietam on the eve of battle.

Friday, September 17:

Kevin Pawlak wrote about Antietam as a tactical Union victory.

Chris Heisey shared a photograph from Antietam battlefield.

Emerging Civil War remembers Joe Maiellano…

Saturday, September 18:

Saving History Saturday: Central Virginia Battlefields Trust presents Donald C. Pfanz with the Ralph Happel Award for preservation.

David T. Dixon posted Part 1 of the Iron Brigade of the Cumberland at Chickamauga.

Steve Davis shared a newspaper story from a Union veteran about the words of Confederate cavalryman.

Sunday, September 19:

Weekly Whitman: Meg Groeling posted “I Saw Old General at Bay.”

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