Mosby Makes a Joke

At one point in ECW’s history, there was a shortage of blog posts. Kris/Chris sounded the alarm and mentioned that even a joke would do. Ever since that time, I have been looking for jokes that might work for this blog & not make any southerners angry. I think I found one in Edmund Wilson’s Patriotic Gore: Studies in the Literature of the American Civil War. It is on page 322.

Although enemies during the war, Ulysses Grant and John Mosby became friends afterward. Their personal respect and shared interests led to Mosby’s support of Grant during the 1872 presidential election over Democrat and newspaper editor Horace Greeley. When asked about his seeming “flip” to becoming a Republican, Mosby replied:

The South fought Greeley for forty years. We only fought Grant for four. 

John Singleton Mosby, CSA

3 Responses to Mosby Makes a Joke

  1. Unfortunately I’ve been unable to find letters, journals or memoirs written by ancestors related to their experiences during the Civil War. However, one story reveals my great-grandfathers sense of humor which seems perfectly suited to my experiences with relatives…and my own. Apparently one of his children or perhaps a grandchild, asked him if he “ever shot a rebel?” The answer was both revealing and funny…”I got as many o’ them as that gotta me!”

  2. There’re excellent resources for research on Mosby and his interesting life at the Stuart Mosby Cavalry Museum in Centreville, VA. I wouldn’t plan a vacation around it as its a small museum with limited hours but a more dedicated staff is hard to find.

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